O p e r a

BESSIE: The Blue-Eyed Xhosa

Libretto by Mkhululi Z. Mabija, Music by Angelique Mouyis

In the late 1730s
an unknown East Indiaman smashed to pieces on the reefs of Lambasi Bay on South Africa's Wild Coast. The next morning the local inhabitants stumbled upon Bessie, a seven-year-old English girl huddled beside a rock on the beach. She was not the first to be shipwrecked on these treacherous shores. Many before her had starved to death and some had walked hundreds of miles to trading posts. But these locals chose to take Bessie home and bring her up as one of their own. She grew to be a woman of legendary beauty and wisdom, eventually becoming the Great Wife of a prince. So began the enduring legacy of a dynasty that extends to many of today's Xhosa royal families.

Blades and Songs

Libretto by Scout Storey, Music by Angelique Mouyis

A one-act opera. ​In the realm of tabletop gaming, an elf warrior, a halfling bard, and their GameMaster quest for magic, adventure, and the beyond.

A r i a s   a n d   A r t   S o n g


for Soprano and Piano Trio​

Based on the Afrikaans poem of the same title by Meyer Van Rensburg, Music by Angelique Mouyis

Lunar Lament ​

for Female Voice, Cello, Vibraphone, Percussion, Guitar and Piano
Words and Music by Angelique Mouyis

"They Say…" ​

for Soprano Solo, Tenor Solo, Bass Solo, Soprano and Tenor Saxophones and SATB Choir

Words and Music by Angelique Mouyis


Together – The Dream of the Mannequin

for mezzo-soprano

Libretto by Ryan Kerr, Music by Angelique Mouyis
Based on The Dream of the Mannequin from Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser


for Soprano and Mezzo-soprano
Libretto by Chandra McClelland, Music by Angelique Mouyis

The Course of Our Day

for Baritone
Libretto by James Sasser, Music by Angelique Mouyis