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M u s i c a l  T h e a t r e

Forget This City

Book & Lyrics by Samara Weiss, Music by Angelique Mouyis

A short play which uses songs to connect the ancient and the modern in the story of Euripides' Bacchae. Bringing the story of a civilization disturbed into modern language and music, it reminds us how and why we can intoxicate ourselves, what we are capable of when we do, and why we sometimes have no choice except to forget ourselves.

The Boy Who Never Grows Up

Book & Lyrics by Jessica Digiacinto, Music by Angelique Mouyis

When Peter Pan returns to Wendy's window years after their adventures together, he's surprised and annoyed to find that his playmate has grown up. He decides to take Wendy's young daughter, Jane, in her place, but Wendy tries to stop him, afraid that her daughter will suffer the same fate (falling for a boy who can never reciprocate the feeling). When Jane turns against her mother, Wendy is forced to come to terms with the choices and sacrifices she made for love.

Title Song: The Boy Who Never Grows Up

Vocalist: Julie Dingman Evans

Pianist: Katya Stanislavskaya

Someone Beautiful

Vocalist: Sarah Corey

Pianist: Katya Stanislavskaya

Miss Pettigrew (unofficial)
Book & Lyrics by Regina Smoler, Music by Angelique Mouyis

Our unofficial exploration, inspired by the book Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson.

One-Word Conversation

Vocalist: Chris Critelli

Pianist: Katya Stanislavskaya


Vocalist: Sarah Corey

Pianist: Katya Stanislavskaya

Strong, Firm and Confident

Vocalists: Sarah Corey and Rhiannon Hansen

Pianist: Katya Stanislavskaya

Book & Lyrics by Colleen Darnall, Music by Angelique Mouyis

A musical disaster comedy based on the demise (and true story) of the Donner Party.

A Spoon of Honey
Book & Lyrics by Bill Nelson, Music by Angelique Mouyis

Inspired by a true story, A Spoon of Honey is the rollicking tale of Nikos and Gina's struggle to marry. Due to a bureaucratic fluke, they're considered, by their village, to be brother and sister. A ten-minute musical fable about following your heart.

S t a n d - A l o n e   S o n g s

Moon in Times Square 

Lyrics by Nikos Tsakalakos, Music by Angelique Mouyis

Central Park Summer Song

Lyrics by Brent Black, Music by Angelique Mouyis

Shoe Song

Lyrics by Nikos Tsakalakos, Music by Angelique Mouyis


Lyrics by Robin Sandusky, Music by Angelique Mouyis

State Bed

Lyrics by Janet Allard, Music by Angelique Mouyis

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